Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Best Antivirus Software

 The popular question again from customers is what antivirus software should I use. Well what you will find is that no antivirus software will catch or stop all pc viruses. The best I have seen would kaspersky antivirus software. It is very good at stopping most infections before they happen. The only problem I have seen is it tends to stop things that it sees as strange or malicious activity.
 I do also like the webroot antivirus software. Once again it has been around for a long time and seems to do a good job. My advise is to look for it with multiple licenses. This way you can install it on multiple computers if you have them. Generally it does seem to be priced quite well and does have pretty good reviews.
 In the okay category I would probably put Nortons Antivirus and Mcafee Antivirus. You will find that they come in different flavors like Internet Security and then a more general type of antivirus software. The best thing you can do is look at the ratings and reviews for each piece of software and then decide for yourself. Just keep it up to date and you should be okay.
 As a final piece of advise, keep your system backed up.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

3 Computer Repair Tools For Anyone

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If your not happy with Microsoft give Linux a try

 If your computer is not working properly it may just be a problem with the hardware, software or something has corrupted the operating system. Here are 3 computer repair tools that anyone can use and yes they are free on the internet.
  1. Tweaking Repair Tool
  2. Hirens 15.2 Repair CD
  3. Your Windows Operating CD
 Now there are other repair tools available on the internet such as the various windows pe disks. With any of these programs you should always back up your system or data to an external hard drive first as a good safety precaution. Believe me I have seen it many times with a Technician does not do this and disaster strikes. I know I don't like to be the one explaining to the customer how all their saved photos of their precious children are gone or it's going to cost you $300 dollars or more to try and get them back.
 The tweaking repair tool and be found on the internet at and it is free. It is just a matter of downloading the file, installing it and running it. Usually it will bring up the files and then you extract the application file to a folder and run it. It will give a number of repairs to choose. I would just go with the default setting. I would also suggest to either run it in a clean boot or in the safe mode with networking.
 The Hirens 15.2 seems to be the latest version and is an iso file. So you will need to download the iso file and burn it to a cd. It then make a bootable cd that you can run a multitude of tests from. The windows pe disks are done the same way and are for win7pe, win8pe and I believe win10pe, but I have not seen it as of yet. I especially like these for running check disk with the repair choice or the western digital software.
 The third computer repair tool is actually the windows operating cd. Yes you can boot off of it and enter the repair mode. Here you can try start up repairs or run repairs from a command prompt, which can be very useful. Some of these are bootrec /fixboot, bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /rebuildbcd. Just remember with the last one it removes the restore points. I would try running the system restore back to a previous good date first if possible. Now with windows 8 and 10 you do get some other choices. Some of these are to reset the operating system saving the data or resetting and completely wiping out and reinstalling with no data. If you don't have your operating cd you may be able to download one off the internet; just remember they are not for reinstalling your operating system on another computer. They are only for repair as there are no more free windows 10 upgrades. I have seen some technicians using the windows 10 1511 and current version, which is against Microsoft's Oem Licensing policy. If you see this happening report them.

Monday, December 19, 2016

How To Fix A Computer That Won't Turn On

 I was using my computer last night and it was okay. I turned it on today and it won't power on. This one of the most common problems that come in for repair. So as a consumer what can you do yourself. The first thing is to make sure you are getting power to the computer. If you have the computer plugged into a surge protector make sure it's working. Alot of them have warning leds that light up indicating a problem or fault. It may also have a reset button, so make sure it is in the proper position. If it is out try pushing it in to reset it.
 The next things I would check is to make sure the power plug is in securely in the back of the computer. If that is okay you can check a few things inside the computer. Slide of the side panel and look inside at the motherboard. One is it full of dust in the cpu fan and heatsink. If it is you can blow it out with canned air or an air compressor. I would suggest holing the fan from spinning with a pencil. Next inspect the motherboard for any bulging capacitors or leaking capacitors. If there are this indicates the system took a power surge and damaged the motherboard and possible other components. If you can replace the motherboard with the same exact motherboard, then you may be all set. Remember to use good esd protection such as a esd wristband grounded properly to a esd mat that is grounded.
 The final step would be to test the power supply. You can buy testers that you connect the various power supply connectors to. You can also use a digital multi-meter, but you need to know what you are doing. Another easy test is to use a good know power supply and connect it in place of the one in the case. You can also test the power button with the digital multi-meter. One other test is to remove the power button connector on the terminal block on the motherboard. The use a small flat blade screwdriver to momentarily short the power button pins.
 If you have done all these you could take it to a repair service center. If the computer is 5 years or older, then it's time to replace the computer and transfer data if needed. You could also take it to a service center for further repair.
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