Saturday, October 21, 2017

Microsoft Says Your Infected Call This Number

 I keep getting customers that had the message with a talking voice come up on the screen and say your computer is infected, call this number. This is not legitimate and is nothing more than just a scam. Unfortunately many many people fall for this, call the number and them remote in to their computer and take control.

 Some of these individuals are very convincing and get the unsuspecting person pay them money. I have seen where some of these people or scammers use some of the free programs on the internet. Most of the time these scammers want to get at your information on your computer. Their other goal is to get your hard earned money.

 Okay so what should you do if this happens while you are on the internet. First of all don't click on anything, not even to close out the website. Also do not call these people as they will try to convince you and now they have your phone number. You need to do one of a couple things to prevent any infection. First if you know how to end task this by pressing ctrl - alt - del at the same time do this. This will bring up the task manager and you can end task the web browser you are using to close it out.
 Your other option is to hold the power button in for 10 to 20 seconds and the computer will shut off. I would not do this all the time, but for one instance it won't hurt. After you reboot the computer I would reset all the web browsers. Next run programs like free malwarebytes, rogue killer and junkware removal tool from the safe mode with networking. Finally I would go into programs and features in the control panel. Look through the list and delete any programs like log me in or Team Viewer.

 Many people ask what are signs that you may have been infected. Well usually the computer may run very slow, can not access the internet, home page has changed or the computer will not boot into the normal mode. Other things that happen is that you have emails sent that you did not send. You may also be getting tons of spam email . The other problem is getting phone calls from these scumbags trying to  get you to send them money. Turn them in and report them to the police and attorney general.

 Just remember Microsoft Does Not Call People.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

3 Of The Best Free Virus, Malware, Spyware And Adware Cleaning Programs

Clean Up Those Nasty Infections

Many times I get asked by customers what are the best free programs for cleaning infections from your computer. Well 3 of these programs come to mind and do an excellent job. The three I prefer are Rogue Killer, Malwarebytes and Junkware Removal Tool. They are all free and can be downloaded from the internet. Now there are a few other programs that are free and do a good job of removing various infections from your computer.

A few other infection cleaning programs I use are adwcleaner, super anti-spyware and spybot. They have all been around for awhile and have updates at least weekly. Now if you search the internet you will find other virus cleaning programs out there. The biggest problem is that some of them are junk and will bring in more junk.

So how do you determine what is junk and what is not. Well what I do is search the internet for the given name of the program and question if this cause infections, spyware or adware. Chances are you will find forums where people have tried these programs and now have problems. So never install anything without checking it out first.

Now is there a preferred way to run these programs. Some individuals will say to dumb down the system by stopping various programs from running. They also use rkill and others to achieve this. It's not a bad idea, but I prefer a different method. What I do is enter the computer into the safe mode with networking. This way various windows functions are not running and you have connection to the internet.

Run all of them one at a time starting with rogue killer, then malwarebytes and then junkware removal tool. If you decide then you can run adwcleaner as well as your antivirus program on the computer. Always be aware that your antivirus alone is not enough to remove all infections. Also on a final note make sure you have good up to date antivirus software. My favorites tend to be Kaspersky, Webroot, Mcafee and Norton Antivirus as well as Eset. Only have one of them installed as more then one will cause fighting and the system will slow down the system.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Microsoft Security Essentials

 Microsoft Security Essentials was first introduced in windows vista. It was called windows defender. It was a free antivirus software that did a minimal job of protecting your system. Yes there were many other antivirus programs that did a much better job of keeping your computer systems safe from those nasty computer viruses.
 Next Microsoft Security Essentials became a little better as it advanced in windows 7. It was ranked up there in the top 3 free antivirus programs. The top 3 were free avast, free avg and Microsoft security essentials. For being free it did an okay job and was fairly simple to use. When comparing it to antivirus programs like avast and avg, it was very simple to use. In my opinion it was my last choice compared to the other free antivirus programs out there.
 Now it was still available in windows 8 and 8.1 by default. Yes in fact it was installed by default and still is today. If you decided to install something like kaspersky, mcafee, webroot or norton antivirus, it would be stopped from functioning. You see you do not want more than one antivirus program installed or they may fight each other and slow the system down. For being free it was doing a okay job.
 Now in windows 10 microsoft security essentials is still installed by default. One of the good features is that it is cloud based, meaning that updates come in through the cloud. This way it run faster and better. Some of the other good points is that it is less intrusive. In other words you will not see all those nagging pop up ads trying to get you to go to the paid versions of antivirus software. I have seen of late that it does see a file in windows that it thinks is an infection. I have found that this is a false notification and does not cause a problem. You can run the program and remove this, which will not cause any issue.
                     So if you do not want to pay for an antivirus program, I would suggest using Microsoft Security Essentials. If you want more choices in your antivirus protection, I would go with free avast or avg and better that that would be a paid antivirus program. If you are in a business environment there are antivirus  programs geared toward a business. I would watch various companies as they try to offer certain gimmicks that are not in reality true. Remember that no antivirus program can keep your computer from becoming infected and by themselves can not remove any infection.
 So the best course of action is to have an antivirus program that is up to date. I would also run something like paid malwarebytes along with it. I would also strongly suggest backing up your computer. Either use the back up program in windows 10 in the control panel to 1tb or 2tb external hard drive. Another excellent choice is using something like carbonite, which is backing up to the cloud.