Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Big Screen Television For Your Video Games Or A Home Theater

    How about a big screen television to go with your xbox 360 or Wii Game Station. One of these days I am going to invest in a big screen television. I have seen some that my relatives have and I love them. I remember being over at a friends house watching a wwe pay per view wrestling show and it was awesome. It sure made my 32 inch tube television look small. I watched my son in law playing some video games on his xbox 360 with his 42 inch screen television and it was much better than the small 22 inch lcd screen we are using.
   The first thing I would consider when purchasing a new television is what space are you going to put it in. You may only have room for a 32 inch television or you may have enough room for a 60inch or larger wide screen television. The next thing I would consider is what is my budget. The smaller televisions can range from $200 to up to $3000 dollars or more. The other information I would look at is what are the reviews like on a particular brand and model of big screen television. I would also look at what kind of warranty the big screen television may have.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Marvel Super Hero Figures

  There are a lot of people collecting different kinds of Marvel Super Hero Figures. Marvel Super Heroes have been around since I was a kid. We saw them in cartoons on Saturday morning. There were different kinds of toys that involved Marvel Super Heroes. I remember having these airplane gliders made out of a light foam material. On the sides and wings were the pictures of a super hero. As I remember I had Captain America, my older brother I think had Iron Man and my younger brother had Spiderman. Yes I remember throwing them outside and inside. They were so light that they never broke anything. That's a good thing when your a kid.
  I think the first super hero figure I remember was Superman. I also very early on was Captain America. Then you had other Super Hero figures like Ironman, The Hulk, Thor and many others. The Marvel Super Hero Toys today come in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase sets of them or collect them one at a time. There are board games and video games involving the Marvel Super Heroes. There are lots of movies made and being made about different Marvel Super Heroes. For example you have the Superman movies going back quite a few years as well as Batman and Robin. The newer movies have been the Ironman series of movies and Captain America has become quite popular.
  So who is your favorite Super Hero ? I think for me it is either Spiderman or Captain America. I think it just goes back to me from when I was a young kid and what I grew up with. Probably from watching television or mostly comic books. When you were a kid that was the cheapest thing at the dimes store. Also you had all the cartoons on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. I think at Halloween time it was always fun to dress up as your favorite Super Hero and get some free candy. I guess I was being a kid and having fun with my imagination.
Lego Toys
  One of the popular Marvel Super Hero toys is are the various lego toys. They come in all shapes and sizes. They seem to be very collectable, so start collecting now. Other items I see are the T-Shirts, Hats as well as other types of clothing. You can also collect various posters with the Marvel Super Heroes on them. Maybe even put a wallpaper picture on your Laptop or Desktop Computer.
                        Thank You for reading and have fun.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Need A Good Desktop Computer To Replace That Old Winsows XP Computer


 It is time to replace that old windows xp computer. Since April 8th windows xp is no longer supported. The virus watchers are keeping an eye on the virus situation due to so many businesses still running windows xp. The fear is that the virus writers will try and target the more than 53 million people in businesses. That is not to mention all the other computer users that are still running windows xp. I repair computers all day and the majority on the bench are virus cleanings.
  We are also seeing quite a few people trying to upgrade their computers to windows 7 or windows 8. The problem is that some of these computers are 5 years old or older. Computers that old most likely will not support windows 7 let alone windows 8. If the computer is maybe 5 years old or newer it may run windows 7. If it does it may run very poorly, due to the older system. If it can be upgraded in various ways then it may be worth it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Power Supplies For Your Ham Shack


  One of those pieces of equipment that every Ham Radio Operator will need in the Ham Shack is a good power supply. Power Supplies all vary in Voltage, Current and size. The size may be dependent on the wattage, which is the Voltage time the Current. Another thing that determines the size is whether it is solid state regulated or linear regulated. The Solid State Power Supplies are much lighter in weight than the Linear Regulated Power Supply. The Linear Power Supply usually has a large transformer in it ,which is usually very heavy.
  The power supplies will generally have a voltage and current meter on them. They will also have various types of connectors on them for connecting your Ham Radio and other equipment. The are some that output around 25 to 30 amps, which enough for your Ham Radio. The power supplies putting out 30 to 50 amps are very good for powering more than one piece of equipment. I have read that some can be a little noisy, so you may consider running in a different location in your Ham Shack.
  There are many different brands out there on the market for sale. Some of the popular brands are MFJ, Diamond, Pyramid. There are other brands such as Astron and Jetstream as well as others that are very good. They all have very good reviews that can be seen at Eham.net. I myself have a Diamond GZV4000 that puts out about 40 amps and does a really good job. I also have another power supply made by Kenwood for my TS-2000 Ham Radio. I mainly have two so if one goes down I have a backup until I can get it repaired.
  Some of the power supplies have a fixed voltage output. Other model have a variable voltage output that can be adjusted for whatever you need. They also have a exhaust fan that may run all the time or only run when the power supply gets to a certain temperature. My advise is to check out reviews for various models and also check out the reviews on the seller of the item.

              Thank You For Reading from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Are You Looking For A Good Laptop Computer


I am a computer technician and I repair computers all day long. They can be desktops or laptops. The majority of repairs seem to be virus related. We have also seen a lot of customers wanting to upgrade their old windows xp computer to windows 7 and even a few to windows 8. The problem that most people run into is that their desktop or laptop is just too old to support the newer operating system.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Some Really Nice Wall Clocks and Digital Clocks For Your Ham Shack

  Do you need a really nice digital clock for your Ham Shack. Maybe just for your room or maybe your dorm room. Some clocks are the led lit type of clock and they do a nice job. I have my old radio shack red led  clock with about three inch numbers. It does a nice job and is easy to read. Especially when it gets dark outside at night.
I have another digital clock that has green lit leds. It seems to be a little easier on my eyes in the dark. I do wear glasses so without them I have to squint my eyes a little. Other choices in digital clocks can be the functions they provide. There are some that have the AM/FM radio. Some have more than one speaker, so they can give the stereo sound. Most of the time they have an alarm that can hopefully wake you up for whatever time you set it for. It all really depends on what you are using the clock for.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Are You Interested In Keeping An Eye On The Weather

  Do you like watching the weather. Maybe your a ham radio operator and you like watching the weather. Some of the nets keep an eye on their local weather and broadcast it. Maybe you just like it as your own personal hobby. It can be a very interesting hobby for anyone. The equipment can go from very basic to what may seem a little complicated.

  This set up above has various gadgets to read wind direction, wind speed, rain gauge,temperature and some other readings. You may have to mount it on a mast on your chimney or maybe on a metal push up mast with some guy ropes.

                                                Good example of a base unit


Ruby Lake Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Elko County, Nevada
Ruby Lake Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Elko County, Nevada. By Famartin

Weather console
               Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 weather station console/receiver.
                                               By Mu301 at en.wikiversity

    As you can see by the pictures above some of the weather equipment can be somewhat complicated. Just make sure you are safe and not near any power lines. Enjoy the hobby for whatever your reasons are. I do not have one of these yet, notice I said yet. In other words maybe one for this coming Christmas would be nice...Hint Hint. I do like the models made by La Crosse Technology and some simpler models by Mfj that are not too bad. I have also seen some of these weather stations when I was over at Lowes.

Well that's all for now so have fun. Thank You for reading and watching.