Friday, June 20, 2014

How Are You Doing With Your Art Supplies

  I come from a family where there has always been some kind of art going on. My younger brother loved to paint, draw and do his airbrush work. He was and is really good. My daughter is into drawing, painting and photography. She has her own blog that she has started. Here is a link to her website . I myself love photography and have been taking photographs going back to when I was in high school. We have also had plenty of music in our family with various instruments. My grandfather played the violin, banjo and xylophone. I have my Acoustic Guitars and my Electric Les Paul Guitar.
  Art Supplies can really vary depending on what kind of art you prefer. If yo are into airbrush artwork, then you may be dealing with different kinds of paints with many different colors. You will also have different kinds of airbrush tools and sprayers. There is also the need for sketching paper and pencils when you may be planning some kind of airbrush painting. You will most likely need some kind of easel to use for your work. There are many different kinds of tools you will need. For example razor blade knives to cut out stencils for a step by step painting.
  If you are going to do some kind of painting with oil paints you will need some different supplies. Once again you are going to need a easel to hold your canvas you may be painting on. There are different kinds of oil paints and acrylic paints that you may use. You will also need many different kinds of brushes to use in your painting. There will also be something to hold and mix your paint on. If you are going to be outside painting, then get a comfortable chair to sit in. There are painting tools that you can use to mix the paint or create different textures on the canvas for different effects.
  If you are doing any kind of drawing you will need some of the same tools as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. There are many different art kits that contain different drawing tools. There may be different kinds of colored pencils to draw with or different water color tools to use. I would say that you will many different sketch pads to draw on. There are even different kinds of drawing tools to use with your computer. The different kinds to tools seem to be endless. I know that we have bought different kinds of art tools for my daughter. Some may have been for Christmas and others for birthday presents.
  Well that's all for know so enjoy whatever art you prefer.    

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Popular Hunting Knives

  Anyone who is a hunter is going to need a good hunting knife at some time. There are plenty of different Hunting Knives to choose from. When I used to hunt I always had my favorite hunting knife at my side and well as other knives. When you are out there in the field and need to field dress your game whether it is a deer, rabbit or squirrel you will need a good hunting knife. A good hunting knife can come in handy for many reasons. If you find your self way out in the wilderness you may need it to take down small trees and branches to make some sort of shelter. Maybe you want to make a small blind to hide out in waiting for that deer to come by. The hunting knife may come in handy for building it.
  Hunting Knives also have accessories for other reasons. Some may have a compass in the end of the handle. This will be extremely handy for finding your direction. I can remember numerous times when I was in the middle of the woods and had to make it back to the place where our car was parked. Thank God I had a way to get back to safety. Some hunting knives may have a hidden compartment in the handle. This is a place to keep matches or material for starting a campfire. There are lots of things you can place inside.
   Another reason to have a nice big shiny hunting knife is for flashing a airplane if you happen to be stranded somewhere. This is probably one of those items that will miss if you are in any kind of survival situation. Every time I watch one of those survival shows on television they always have a knife. When they do not have a hunting knife they wish they had one. The other reason you may want a good size hunting knife is for your protection. If you become the hunted instead of being the hunter you will need it to possibly save yourself or someone else.
  Hunting knives come in many different sizes and styles. They may be a fixed open blade knife that you keep in a sheath. There are also hunting knives that fold up as well. These kind usually have some kind of a holder or sheath that you keep it in attached to your belt. There is also the Swiss Army type hunting knife. This knife has so many tools and blades is can be extremely handy. I know my Swiss Army knife has a saw blade, screw driver and even a magnifying glass. That can be an awesome bonus if your matches run out or get wet. Finally for those special moments you have the popular bowie knife. This a big knife that can be used to cut a path through that thick brush.
  Just be prepared for the numerous choices when picking the kind of hunting knife you prefer. These hunting knives will make a wonderful gift for Fathers day that is coming up. IT could be a gift for a birthday or for nay reason.
  Thank You for reading and Happy Hunting.