Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall Season Is Getting Closer And That Means Hunting

  If you are a hunter then it is time to prepare for the hunting season. I remember when I used to go deer hunting I would get my shotgun ready,  Hunting Clothing And All Accessories . I made sure I had all my orange clothing ready. I had my orange vests and my orange overhaul suits ready. I had my light vests and my heavy vests in good shape. I also had a light orange overhaul suit for the warmer days and then an insulated orange or cameo overhaul suit for those cold days. I also had my warm hunting boots, gloves and various hunting hats. I always made sure my compass was working and that I had a good first aid kit with matches. The other item we always had was some kind of dehydrated food to bring as well as food for the day like trail mix or fruit. One of the best dehydrated foods I have seen are Mountain House Buckets and Kits so check them out.  Hot chocolate was always a good beverage to bring, plus water and pop. There were a few times when we slept over night so we could hunt the next day.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Everybody Has Used Or Uses Tupperware At Some Time In Their Lives

  I was looking through the penny saver while eating my breakfast and I saw an ad for TUPPERWARE . That brought back some old memories from my past growing up as a child. All I used to hear as a child was my mother talking about tupperware or having a tupperware party. They would get together with family, friends and neighbors so they could check out the tupperware bowls and all the other items that tupperware made. I never really thought about it and never thought it would be something that would follow me through my life.
  We used tupperware merchandise for a lot things in everyday life. There are cereal bowls, glasses and may other types of containers. There are so many different types of containers it is amazing. There are plenty of containers that are microwave safe for heating up your favorite dessert. We used them to put our kids sandwiches in when they were young and going to school. They made it really easy to take your food in when we would go on a picnic. They were used to carry the potato and macaroni salad in or maybe everyone's favorite the pasta salad. They always kept all the different food items fresh. Of course there was the ever popular tupperware pitcher for carrying your favorite koolaid  flavor.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Got Rid Of Cable TV Get And Digital TV Converter Box

  If you are like me your bills are getting to be too much. My pay does not go up, but my bills certainly do. I am trying to cut corners wherever I can to lower my monthly bills. Awhile ago I decided to get rid of the Digital Cable TV, so my monthly bill would be lower. Well it lowered my bill by a little bit and saved me some money each month. Well unfortunately bills just seem to keep going up and up. I recently got a letter from the cable TV company telling me if I did not call them by a certain date my bill would go up to about $120 a month, which was much higher than it was presently. I gave them a call and the bill only went up by a small amount. In a sense this to me is sort of blackmail. They are raising the price each month for the same service. My goal is to go with a Digital TV Converter Box  and an Outside Digital Antenna  for a better signal.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fall Is Coming And So Is The Cooler Weather So Break Out The Warmer Cloths

  As Fall comes closer my favorite warmer cloths come out of the closet. I have some shirts that I have found to be my favorites. I love Chamois Shirts . Some of them I wear year round with a t-shirt underneath. Yes I wear them in the summer at work, because it gets cold sitting under where the air conditioner blows out. Even on some of these cool summer nights I have on my chamois shirts. Maybe it's partly because I am getting older. I have always worn a flannel shirt in the colder time of the year. When I found the chamois shirt I just stuck with them. You can find them in a pretty good choice of colors and some are a heavier weight then others. They also seem to hold up pretty good over the years.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Is Almost Over And It's Back To School Time

  Yes summer is almost over and that can only mean it's back to school time. This is August and September is just around the corner. This is usually the time of year when my mother would start gathering our back to school supplies. It's funny, because the tradition carried right on with my children. School supplies not only included pens, pencils, notebook and erasers, but also different kinds of clothing. In September in Rochester New York it was not cool out yet until maybe the middle of October. We still looked for cloths that were going to keep us warm. I remember being in kindergarten and first grade when the big item for school was what cool lunch box would I get. Usually it was something that you liked like a super hero, television show or maybe from a cartoon. I think Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang were always a winner.