Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Shortwave Radio New Or Used Makes An Awesome Gift For Christmas

  Christmas is getting ever closer and I am sure you are thinking about all the presents you would like to see under your Christmas Tree this year. One of those awesome gifts could be a nice Shortwave Radio. You can choose from a new shortwave radio or you can choose a nice used shortwave radio. If you are a collector of SHORTWAVE RADIOS or AMATEUR RADIOS I would search through and Ebay. Just make sure to check on the reviews and the reviews of the seller first. There quite a few different brands of shortwave radios to pick from. There are the ever popular Grundig Shortwave Radios, which do an awesome job. I know my Satelit 750 has always amazed me. It came in very handy when my Amateur Ham Radio was in for service.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Where Can I Find That Christmas Present Online

  Yes at this time of year we are all thinking about what to put on our Christmas lists. Yes get out there and find whatever you want to find under your Christmas Tree. It can be anything from a toy, Ham Radios , Book, Tool Set, Stereo or anything. So find those special Christmas Gifts now. We always seem to buy some inexpensive things and one present that is a little more expensive. Of course that is what our budget is like. If you can afford the expensive things then I say go for it.
  This time of year through the holidays is really a time for giving and not for getting. If you are religious then I would look for some nice things to put up around your house, apartment or room.We usually have some ceramic items like a ceramic turkey for thanksgiving or some pilgrims. Now for Christmas I think it's always important to have a nice Nativity Set . If you not religious look for a good Santa Claus and a nice Christmas Tree with plenty of lights and tinsel.
  One item that is always nice is to have a good book on Christmas. The story of Santa Claus or Twas The Night Before Christmas is always great to read to your children. Popular items all year round these days are all the different video games. There are so many all I can say is search for what you like or look at some youtube videos about the video game. Also check out reviews on a video game you may be interested in.
  If you are doing some shopping on the internet then I am going to suggest either or Ebay. If you are shopping at stores then go to your local shopping malls. Stores like Toy r Us are the best for toys. My other favorites stores are best buy, the Guitar Center, Rowe Photography, Target, Home Depot, Lowes and Sears. Of course there are many many other excellent stores to choose from to buy that special Christmas Gift .
 Thank You for reading and get that Christmas Shopping done.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Read Any Good Ham Radio Books Lately Or Just Studying For Your Next Ham Radio License

  Now may be the time to get your next study manual for your next ham radio license. Maybe you have decided to go for your first Technician License. Either way there are plenty of good study manuals available. Yes there are plenty of free websites that offer free study material. I have done that myself and it was very helpful. I did have some old Ham Radio Study Manuals from radio shack quite a few years ago when I started thinking about going for my first Ham Radio License. My favorite choice now is to purchase the Gordon West Study Manual for the Ham Radio Extra License.
  Yes at this point I have my General Ham Radio License and I am starting to study for the Extra Ham Radio License. I am going to get it through Amazon, so I can study through the winter months and then take it during the summer. That is what I did to get my General Ham License and it worked out very well. So maybe you should put one of them or more than one on your Christmas list. The nice thing with these study manuals is that you can purchase it with the audio cd, manual and practice tests. Of course there are other study manuals that are very good as well. The arrl study manuals are a good example.
  There are also plenty of other books on various subjects that have to do with Ham Radio. You may find plenty of books on antenna building. You may be interested in building a moxon antenna, dipole wire antenna or maybe a yagi antenna. There are also books on other subjects that are related to radio, such as shortwave radio or Electronics and Electronic Test Equipment. You may also be interested in one of the ARRL Ham Radio Manuals that have an unbelievable amount of information. My advise is to go through amazon and ebay. There are also plenty of Ham Radio Dealers on the internet that carry books on ham radio as well. Universal radio and MFJ are sources for good reading material on hame radio.
  Well that's all for now so Thank You for reading and Merry Christmas !!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How About A Toolkit For Christmas 2014

  If your like me you probably have or want a nice toolkit. There are different kinds of Tool Kits depending on what kind of work you do. It may be a mechanics toolkit, Computer Repair Toolkit or an Electronics Toolkit. There are some tool kits that are very simple while other tool  kits can be very complex. It also depends on what you plan to do with these tools. You probably would be okay with a medium size tool kit for everyday use. If however you are going to be working with these tools in a career such as Electronics or Mechanics, then I would go for the larger tool kit.
  There are some different brands to choose from. The main brands are Stanley, Crescent, Black and Decker, Snap On as well as many other brands. All of these are very good tools and are of good quality. Looking at the reviews you will find that they are all very good. They range  generally from four to five gold stars. The price range of the various tool kits are not bad either. I have found that they may range in price from approximately from $25 to over $200 . I would also advise that if you get a expensive high quality tool kit I would look into a very good toolbox. Especially a toolbox on wheels. I myself have a toolkit on wheels and it comes in very handy.
  There are also quite a few different Tool Kits For Electricians And Electronic Technicians . In this category you will also find very good tool kits for Computer Technicians. I would definitely look for a tool kit with a digital voltmeter in it. These kinds of tool kits would also be very nice as a gift for the Ham Radio Operator.  You can always use something like this in the Ham Radio hobby for the building of Ham Radio Antennas. You will need a good Tool Kit For Repairing Your Ham Radio Equipment . Especially if you are building and antenna such as a dipole or moxon antenna.
  So I would say get your Christmas List going for this year and for all your Christmas Stockings. I would just like to say thank you for reading.