Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cb Radio


  If you would like some kind of extra communication in your vehicle go for a Cb Radio. There are quite a few good CB Radios to choose from. There are some Cb Radios that have just a few basic controls and then there are other Cb Radios that have quite a few controls that generally consist of different knobs that turn to control volume, noise as well as other features. There are some Cb Radios that have full control from the handset. In other words you have the microphone with volume and channel changing controls.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Getting Healthy For 2015 With Some Exercise Fitness Programs

            Best Themes My Simple Nutrition Diet Plan For Insanity And P90X Workouts                                                                                                  by Eighty6Lift

  Ever since I caused a disc in my lower spine I decided to lose the weight and get healthy. I was not a candidate for spinal surgery, so I ended up in physical therapy. I went through a lot of different exercises and stretches to get back to a place where I could stand on my left leg. It also took quite awhile to learn to walk normally. I started out on crutches for awhile and then I no longer needed them. I could always feel the pulling of the muscle in my lower back. That feeling eventually went away. I still to this day get sore once in awhile, but as long as I keep doing whatever exercises I can do I feel a lot better. Besides the exercising and stretches I also watch everything I eat. You see I was about 300lbs and after eating properly and exercising I went down to 219lbs. I feel a lot better and my weight does go up a little, but my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. My doctor was not too happy, because he could not put me on all those medicines to control everything. I just decided to reduce all those bad things naturally and for me it worked.