Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pick Your Favorite Ham Radio Transceiver

  Go ahead and pick your favorite Ham Radio Transceiver from the small store below the posts. If you don't see one in the small store then search in the larger store below that. As far as I go I have my Kenwood TS-2000. Yes it is one of my favorite Ham Radios. I do like other Ham Radios as well such as the Icoms and the Yaesu Transceivers. Check out the reviews at at this link . Then if your interested come back and buy your favorite Ham Radio Transceiver to donate to the cause.
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Clothes Clothes And More Clothes

  The Internet and Amazon can be an awesome place to find all kinds of clothes. I know myself I have bought all kinds of clothing at different times of the year. The nice thing about buying cloth through the internet is that it can be for yourself or for a gift for someone. You can find anything from shirts to pants, jackets and more. The choices just seem to go on and on. If you need a shirt to keep you warm on those chilly nights when your out camping go for a chamois type shirt. I work in and environment where it is quite chilly and I wear chamois shirts all year round. Maybe just go for a nice sweat shirt or just a summer jacket since summer is almost here.
  So if you are looking for some kind of clothing for yourself or a gift check out My Amazon Store below the posts. There are all kinds of clothes to search for, so have yourself some fun.

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