Monday, May 25, 2015

Ceramics A Hobby Or Career

  If you like making things with your two hands I would look into Ceramics. I remember taking Ceramics Shop Classes when I was in High School years ago. It was one of those classes that I was not sure about at first, but I ended up loving it. I still have mt Beer Stein that I made way back when I was eighteen years old. The nice thing about Ceramics is that you can have it for a hobby or you can make it into a career. I remember my Aunt used to have a ceramics shop in her basement where she did it as a hobby. She gave different items to different family members. In fact I still have a few of them in my home today.
  Okay so do you want the think more about making ceramics a career. My advise would be to buy some books on ceramics. This way you can learn exactly what tools you will need. What I would suggest doing is creating a blog and try to sell some of your ceramics on it. You could also try to sell your ceramics on Amazon and Ebay. Eventually you may be able to start your own ecommerce website.
  There will be various tools that you will need to start a ceramics hobby or career. You are going to need your various supplies, molds, potters wheel and a kiln. You will need to save up some money for those items. I have seen on the internet where you can by ceramic molds at some good prices. There are also places where you can buy the clay and slip for the molds as well as some tools for working with your projects. You are also going to need the different glazes to color your ceramic projects. Also look into payment methods such as paypal and credit cards. It's not going to be easy, but if you love ceramics that will make it that much easier. Click on any of the links or use the store below the posts for more ceramic items. You can also go to my bookstore at this link to find more books on ceramics.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Vacation Is Almost Here

Adirondack Mountains

  Summer Vacation is almost here. It's time to get that tent and go camping with your family and friends. I remember going back packing in the Adirondacks with my wife and brother on a back packing trip. We went with a group one year and then just family another year. It was one of the best vacations I ever had. We also had a tent when I was younger and we used to sleep in the front yard. Our house sat back from the road with trees and bushes to block us from the road. Those were some fun times growing up. So get out there and get that tent and camping supplies for that summer vacation camping trip.
So follow these links  TENTS and  CAMPING GEAR
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