Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Time For Fall Weather Clothing

 The Fall is here and along with that is the cooler weather. Yes here in New York the temperatures have been in the 70s and cooler in the morning. This is when I start wearing my favorite Chamois Shirts. I am also wearing my zip up sweatshirt jacket. The kind of jacket without a hood. If I need a hat I have my camouflage hunting baseball style hat. This is my favorite time of year as we are out of the hot weather and the leaves change color. Here are some of my picks below, but you can always search for more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Installing Windows 10

 If you are thinking of going to windows 10 make sure your computer can handle it. I had one customer that installed windows 10 on their five year old computer and now they have nothing but problems. I have had other customers where it is working perfectly on their windows 7 computers. In fact my computer is working very well with windows 10. It just depends on a few different items as to how well it will work.
 You need to determine how old your computer is. If your computer is older than 3 years I would be a little hesitant on installing windows 10 on it. You would be better in the long run to live with windows 7 and purchase a newer more up to date computer. There are plenty of good buys out there on Amazon.com and Ebay. The next thing is that you need to make sure your computer is virus free and running properly. I have a customers computer on the bench and it is infected with viruses, malware, spyware and adware. These infections will cause problems installing windows 10 and how the computer runs after windows 10 is installed.
 I would also make sure that you have plenty of system ram memory and hard drive free space. Another important item is to make sure that your hardware is functioning properly. I have had customers where there hard drive has bad sectors or a stick of memory is failing. Also make sure after these items are corrected you make a backup of the windows operating system. That way if windows 10 fails miserably you will be able to get back to windows 7. I say this because I am seeing various times when windows 10 will not recover back to the previous operating system.
 Also make sure that you are upgrading from either windows 7 or 8.1. If you have windows 8 make sure to update it to windows 8.1 before trying to upgrade to windows 10. Another important item is to make sure that your current system has system drivers for windows 10. I have had customers that upgraded to windows 10 and now various parts of the system are not working properly. This is usually  because there were no drivers so it used what ever windows 10 set up. Also make sure your other software programs work with windows 10.
 Thank You for stopping by and have fun with windows 10.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ideas For This Years Christmas Shopping

 Have you started thinking about what you want for Christmas this year ? Maybe you have your kids giving you their Christmas lists for Santa. What I would do is check out Amazon.com for some awesome Christmas present ideas. Believe me there are so many different items it's easy to get lost. Just sit back and think about what you would like and start browsing through Amazon.
 If on the other hand your kids gave you their Christmas lists just type it in in the search for Amazon and you should easily find those items they want. The nice thing is you get to avoid those busy packed stores full of people that may be sick. You are also going to avoid those long lines standing at the cash register for an hour. Believe me when my 3 kids were young I remember doing that and feeling exhausted . The one thing I never liked is that I never knew how many people had picked up, opened the package and messed around with what was inside it. I don't know how many times we opened a present only to find something was missing or broken.

 Below are 4 popular items items at Amazon and there is a search window below them.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 Football Season Is Here

Aaron Rodgers Greenbay Packers...GO PACK !!!
 Football Season has returned again for all of us fans. I myself am a Greenbay Packers Fan, so don't hate me for it. I do like other teams, but Greenbay has been my favorite for years. It all started when I was a young kid and got a FOOTBALL UNIFORM FOR CHRISTMAS . My older brother had the Falcons and my younger brother had the Saints. My helmet was just colored yellow, so I decided to do something about it. I looked at all the Football Teams and Greenbay had the yellow helmet, so that became my choice for a Football Team. I painted the Greenbay G symbol on both sides of the helmet and I loved them ever since even though I grew up in New York.
 Okay so what does everybody need for football season ? We all need a BIG SCREEN TELEVISION , so we can feel like were right at the game. At my house we have a 48 inch Samsung Television and it does a nice job for our house. I have seen some other much larger televisions that I would love to have, but I would need a bigger room to put it in. If you have the place and the budget I say go for it. I know on my television I love watching the WWE Wrestling Show on it. It's even awesome for playing our video games on our XBOX 360. It is a much better choice than the old 19 inch Magnavox television we used to watch. Don't get me wrong the smaller televisions do have their place. In fact I have a nice Viewsonic 19 inch led lcd television in my Computer Ham Shack where I can watch programs while I am on the computer.
 So if you are into the Football Season I would suggest getting a nice big screen television today. There are many different brands to choose from. I know for myself I did some looking at Amazon.com and checked out all the reviews before I decided on a particular brand of television. I found that the Samsung Televisions function very well and have a good track record. Of course there are many other brands that do an awesome job. So shop around, read the reviews and then choose the LARGE LCD SCREEN TELEVISION you prefer.
 Thank You for stopping by and enjoy the Football Season.