Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Back Up That PC Data Or Risk Losing It

 I have seen time and time again where someone did not back up their data or system and disaster strikes. Yes the hard drive went bad or the computer was infected with the cryptowall or cryptolocker. In any case they lost it all. I will tell you it is the worst feeling to have to call a customer and tell them they have lost all their family pictures and documents.
 Today I always stress to my customers the importance of backing up your data. In fact I just had a customer where she though she was backing up her data, because she was told just plug in the external hard drive and it will back up automatically. Well unfortunately it had syncback on it a few years ago and it backed up data . The problem is that the computer had a defective hard drive drive and it was replaced. When windows was reinstalled the syncback program was not installed, because the technician never knew it. Fortunately her data was all intact and the viruses cleaned of with no errors. I then set the vista system to back up using the back up program in the control panel. It worked properly and backed up everything.
 Now I did inform her that when she goes into a new computer she should purchase a new external hard drive and have a back up of some sort. In windows 10 you have the file history back up and the back up from windows 7. She can then have it set up that way on a schedule. Her other choice is to go with carbonite through the cloud. Either way she will be protecting her system and data.