Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trackball Mouse Maintenance

 Anyone that uses a trackball mouse will have to do some maintenance on it at some time. Actually it is a very easy job to accomplish and won't take but a few moments. With mine I always find that after a period of time the ball seems to bind up a little. Here are a few steps below that you can follow.
  1. Disconnect the Trackball Mouse from the computer.
  2. Locate the small hole on the bottom under the mouse.
  3. Use a pencil preferably no point.
  4. Pop the ball out of where it's seated.
  5. Use a q-tip to clean the three points that keep it in place.
  6. Clean the Trackball off with a damp soft cloth.
  7. Place the ball back in place and see if it moves freely.
  8. Inspect the usb connector and cable for any damage.
  9. Reconnect to the computer and test it.
  10. Buttons can be cleaned with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol diluted with 50% water 50% rubbing alcohol. Just don't soak them.
 I can not tell you how many customers bring in their equipment with cuts in the cable or chew marks. Make sure to check them.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

How And When To Upgrade Your Computer

 Many customers always ask should I upgrade my computer or should I buy a new one. Well my rule of thumb is it 5 years old or more. If it is at least 5 years old I would say your best to go into a new computer if you can. It would be to your advantage to go into a new computer just due to the fact that technology has changed quite a bit in the past few years.


 Okay so what are the advantages of just upgrading your computer. Well obviously the first advantage may be the cost involved. Well unfortunately that may not necessarily be true. You see the problem you run into is that you may have to upgrade other components, so you can upgrade the ones you want. For example if you want to go with a new ssd or solid sate hard drive you may have to upgrade your power supply. Alot of computers a few years ago had 285 watt and 350 watt power supplies. In today's standards I would recommend at least a 500 watt power supply. That is just one item I would upgrade.

  Another item would be the usual of upgrading the memory. You see a few years ago 2gb ddr2 was the average, then it went to 4gb and now it's 8gb or better. The other issue is that the newer memory is ddr3 and they will not work in the older motherboards. Other items are the cpu or microprocessor as well as the motherboard. If you replace that then you would need a different microprocessor as well as memory. The problems just seem to go on an on, in fact with all these new components your software may have to be redone from scratch.
 So your best move would be to go into a new computer. Then reinstall your software and set the computer up properly. It unfortunately is just not cost effective to upgrade a entire system. If you are doing upgrades with a newer computer then you can do those in a reasonable budget.