Friday, March 4, 2016

Repairing Laptop Computers

 We all face that time when our Laptop Computer is just no working properly. In today's world of Laptop Computer's the problem is either Hardware or Software. Hardware just depends on what is failing. The common problems tend to be a defective failing hard drive, Broken Display or Bad Motherboard. On average these are not that difficult to repair. Motherboards are the most difficult due to taking the laptop apart. Sometimes you can find a video on youtube on how to disassemble the laptop. Below is a course on repairing laptop computers. Just click on the picture below and learn about it.

 I have repaired many laptops during my time working as a computer service technician. Generally they are not too bad to work on. Just make sure to keep track of all the screws. I would also make sure to are using a properly grounded esd static mat and wear a good esd wrist strap. I see way too many techs work on surfaces that give off alot of static electricity. Then when something goes wrong they wonder why.
 So check out the course above and start repairing laptops today. You can work for someone or start your own business. So start learning today and have fun at it too.