Saturday, July 9, 2016

7 Steps In Repairing A Laptop Computer

If you are going to try and repair your laptop computer or someone else's laptop there are some things you should know and do.
  1. Have the proper tools to work on laptop computers
  2. Find a youtube video on dissembling the particular laptop
  3. Have the proper esd static protection
  4. Have the proper tools to test the components in the system
  5. Learn how to screw the screws back in the laptop case
  6. Learn where to get parts from for your repair
  7. Make sure you have no left over parts
  Believe me I have seen many different technicians ruin laptops, because they did not know how to take laptop cases apart. They also try to use ordinary flat blade screwdrivers to pry apart cases. You will find that this just damages the already brittle parts. One trick techs use when this happens is to use two sided sticky tape or they break out the super glue. The lucky tech who works on it next can't get the case apart and in turn damages it. This then results in more costs for the customer or the service center eats the cost and loses money.
 There are plenty of tool kits made specifically for laptop computers and they are not that expensive. One tool I would have is a good soldering iron that can work with through hole as well as surface mount soldering. You are also going to need to have a good esd wrist strap and a good esd mat. Always make sure they are properly grounded. It does not take much to damage any component with static electricity. You do not have to see it of feel it for it to damage something.
  There are lots of excellent youtube videos for taking all kinds of laptops apart. You will find that some laptop computer come apart easily and others can be a bear. Always take it easy, because things will break. When screwing a screw back in remember to turn the screw back a tiny bit until you feel it drop in, this way you will not cross thread the screw. Never over tighten a screw either, because the gold standoff will break out of the case due to them being press fitted.
 Now make sure of the proper places to get parts for repair. General parts like memory and hard drive can be bought from places like newegg. If you need a particular motherboard, plastic case or lcd display I would use ebay. The only two things to remember is to check the sellers percentage rating and also that these are refurbished parts. You never know what could be wrong with it or how long it will last. Always check out the return policy. Finally be-aware of where all screws go, otherwise you will be taking it back apart to determine where the screw goes. Believe me I have seen Technicians throw the screw over their shoulder and say oh well.