Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 Steps So You Don't Lose Your Computer Data

 First the most important part of your computer is the data on it. The data consists of pictures, written documents, music, favorites, downloaded programs and anything that is important to you. You must realize that if things have to redone for any reason the programs you installed will have to be reinstalled as if for the first time again. This is due to the information that goes into the operating system and the registry. Below are 5 things that should be done to protect your data.
  1. Have Very Good Up To Date Antivirus Software
  2. Back Up Your Data To A External Hard Drive, Usb Flash Drive or The Cloud
  3. Keep Your Computer Up To Date With Windows Updates
  4. Keep The Inside Of The Computer, Fans and Heat-Sinks Free Of Dust
  5. Always Make Your Recovery Disk Set in case the operating system has to be reinstalled ( most computers come preinstalled and you should get a message to make these at some point)

 I can not tell you enough how many times a customer has lost their data due to not practicing the 5 steps above. Many computers come through and their antivirus software has long expired. The computer has become infected with a ransomeware virus and all the data is lost due to it being encrypted. This brings me to another point, never leave the external back up drive constantly connected to the system. Yes it can become encrypted as well.
 Below you can purchase antivirus software, an external hard drive or usb flash drive. You can also search for others as well.